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Modules Specification:          


Student’s Module:   

  1.  Advance Reservation
  2.  Complete Students and Family Details
  3.  Fee Management and Balance Remainders
  4.  Student Wise and Family Wise Financial Details
  5.  Single and Family Receipts. 
  6.  Performance Details-Includes Mark List  and Promotion
  7.  Health Details-Vaccination Details & Any Previous Illness
  8.  Transportation Details Of The Student
  9.  Extra-curricular Activities Of The Student
  10.  ID card Processing
  11.  Exam Permit Card Issue Based On The Student’s Balance Fee Amount
  12.  Attendance Register And Calculation Of Attendance Percentage
  13.  Ministry Reports like Blue Book Register, Mark list, Admission form and TC
  14.  SMS Integration (Optional)
  15.  Seamless Integration with Excel and PDF
  16.  Student Analysis

Financial Module

  1. Complete Financial Management of School
  2.  Accounts Payable And Receivable
  3.  Individual And Group Consolidated Statements
  4.  Ageing and Detailed Analysis
  5.  Automatic and Recurring Data Entry
  6.  Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss
  7.  Tree View design of Chart of Accounts
  8.  Accounting Consultancy from Experts

 HR/Payroll Module         

  1.  Maintenance Of Teaching And Non-Teaching Staff Details
  2.  Leave And Absence Management
  3.  Subject Assignment
  4.  Event Management
  5.  Payroll Management
  6.  Visa, Passport and Work Permit Details
  7.  Document Expiry Reminder
  8.  Complete Integration With Accounts

      Library Module         

  1. Complete Book Details
  2. Members Master
  3. Barcode Enabled
  4. Tree View in call number(D- way Classification)
  5. Issue and Return Details
  6. Fine Calculation
  7. Variety of Reports
  8. Intensive Search Options

       Stores (Books & Uniforms)         

  1.  Sales, Sales Return, Delivery Order
  2.  Purchase, Purchase Return, Purchase Order
  3.  Quotations, Work Order, Products In
  4.  Item, Invoice Wise Performance Reports
  5.  Day Book and Many Other Reports
  6.  Group wise Sales


  1. School Events Management
  2. School Vehicles Maintenance-Includes Insurance Details
  3. Vehicle Management
  4. Document like Registration, Insurance, Service Expiry Reminders

Orison School
Orison School  is a collection of software programs integrated with Financial to provide one unified software system for record-keeping  in every department in the school...
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Orison Financial
Orison Financial is a mini ERP mainly targets medium and large scale companies for their Financial,Inventory,HR,Payroll and document management. The ability to interconnect...
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Orison HR is a very reliable mini ERP for managing all employee related require-ments of any medium to large scale companies.It is fully integrated ...
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