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We are one of the leading customized software solution providers in UAE for the last 4 years. We provide software solutions for all fields like Construction, Trading, Spare Parts, Contracting, Manufacturing Companies and also Real

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We are one of the leading software solution providers for Schools and Educational institutions. Our product Orison School  is a collection of software programs integrated with Accounts to provide one unified software system for recordkeeping...
As a member of our diversified pool of packages, Orison Financial a mini ERP mainly targets the Companies for their Accounting, Inventory and Personnel Management, Payroll requirements. The ability to interconnect branches, stores to head office...
Orison HR is a very reliable mini ERP for managing all employee related requirements of any medium to large scale companies. It is fully integrated with Financial and also it contains e-Storage of all documents of the company and employee and its...
   Web Portals
Our School Web portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way and it becomes precious tool for parents,students and teachers especially in the modern time. It offer
e-mail, news, complete information about school/students, performance..

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We are one of the leading customized software
solution providers in UAE for the
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